Sorsogon provincial government to undertake rightsizing


By Felix “Boy” Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON Province – As early as July 2019 a study and an evaluation was conducted by the UP- National College of Public Administration and Governance to study the efficient designation of duties and responsibilities with the intentions to eliminate redundancies in the performance of salaried provincial employees for an efficient public service.

It came about due to the passage of the provincial board Resolution No. 153-2019 authorizing the governor to enter into a MOA with UP-NCPAG in mind of improving the effective and efficient service to the public. Subsequently Resolution No. 5-2020 authorizes the governor to undertake to rightsize.

The Board with due diligence took Section 76 of RA 7160, the Local Government Code of 1991 that gave authority to a local government unit to “design and implement its own organizational structure and staffing pattern taking into considerations its service requirements and financial capability, subject to the minimum standards and guidelines prescribed by the Civil Service Commission.”

With the authority given to the governor to undertake rightsizing, Provincial Ordinance No. 34-2020 prescribed the guidelines for implementation of rightsizing of the organizational structure and appropriating funds for the purpose aimed to promote and maintain efficiency, economy, enhance institutional capacity to improve public service delivery committing the role of the Sorsogon province as a contributor to the societal and and economic development goals of the country.

The present organizational structure will undergo a screening process to determine redundant, duplication functions that maybe abolished and transferred within the provincial government and on the basis of the screening a new organizational structure will be the basis of plantilla position to be abolished and the new positions that will be created. The rightsizing however will be undertaken by phase starting with the different hospitals administered and operated by the provincial government.

The concerned hospitals funding for payment of separation of which the terminal pay was computed end of June 2020 is 33 million-plus with possible three-thirty plantilla positions for abolition at Dr. Fernando B. Duran Sr. Memorial Hospital, Donsol District Hospital with 11 plantilla, Gubat District Hospital with 10, Irosin District Hospital 9, Vicente Peralta District Hospital with 7, 6 at PGMH, 5 each for Matnog and Pto. Diaz and 2 plantilla at Magallanes Medicare Hospital.

It emphasized in the Ordinance that the rightsizing of provincial government offices is not a force or early retirement plan of personnel but abolition of redundant and unnecessary positions. Employees affected by the abolition of their plantilla shall receive corresponding separation pay over and above the terminal leave benefits for those affected will be granted.

The formula for separation pay per employee whose service for 0-15 years is monthly compensation x 1,5 x years of service that for 16-25 years will be monthly compensation x 1 x years of service and for those 25 years upward is monthy compensation 0.5 x years of service. The computation is pursuant to DBM Budget Circular No.2016-2 and Section 40 of CSC mc No.14. (TL B is Terminal Leave Benefits, S for highest monthly salary receive, D stands for accumulated vacation and sick leave credits and CF, the constant factor which is 0.0481927).

The rightsizing is under the principle of good faith as dialog between the affected employees and their respective heads of offices will be done and as a policy, the affected employee will be allowed to apply for any vacant position in the provincial government and will be given a priority in hiring for new plantilla positions provided qualified to the position.

Prior notice will be given to employees affected before the abolition of the position and removal of the incumbent. Those employees who avail the separation package shall bar him from applying for any position in the new plantilla within a period of two years.

Those who need one or two years prior to retirement age or to comply 15 years of service has the option to continue their service under a co-terminus employment to complete deficiency period either in age or service. [Bicol Today]


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