By Joey Natividad

GOVERNOR Francis “Chiz” Escudero is seething with anger as he urges President Rodrigo Duterteto fire Health Secretary Francisco Duque lll from his post.

Escudero reacted over the latest report from the Department of Health on Thursday.

After recording in a single day the highest one-day Covid-19 positive new cases of 3,954, the DOH reported Thursday a “mass recovery adjustment” of 38, 075 to include mild/asymptomatic cases.

DOH on Thursday reported the country had reached 89,374 total COVID-19 cases, and new cases will go much higher daily.

“This is “only in the Philippines” and is intolerable and insulting!,” Escudero lamented.

Escudero, now Sorsogon Governor, appealed: “President Duterte, Sir, please fire Sec. Duque! You/we/I deserve better po!”

Media reports in Metro-Manila said former Senator Escudero could no longer “stomach” the DOH report of 38,075 persons “recovered”, including those with “mild” symptoms and asymptomatic.

For easy reference, visit website; “PH logs record-high 38k add’l recoveries, 3,954 new COVID-19 cases -”

“Where did the 38,000 COVID-19 ‘mass recoveries’ come from? Here’s DOH’s explanation ” –

A day before, Escudero posted in his FB, saying: “The “it could have been worse” argument is actually a fallacy designed to make people feel good and content with whatever is given them.”

The argument “it could have been worse” was attributed to Spokesperson Harry Roque, who is also the sounding board of President Duterte, DOH, and IATF.

Escudero said: “We can and should demand more from our leaders who I believe can and will do more! ‘Di na dapat pwede ang ‘pwede na.'”

In another previous FB post, Escudero said: “I think DOH is just ‘riding out’ COVID-19 until a vaccine is invented. I don’t see nor feel any active/serious efforts being done by it.”

“The DOH, as the lead agency of the IATF, should do precisely that – lead in a proactive way and not simply be content in reporting out statistics.”

Netizens say that knowing Escudero’s crusading spirit, Secretary Duque is still lucky for not getting the “hot seat” from Escudero, who is no longer a Senator.

Netizens say the present incumbent Senators are already “tamed and domesticated”, who could no longer raise, at the very least, a “whimper” over serious, pressing issues.


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