Proposed anti-terror law enables dictatorship more dangerous than COVID-19 – Bayan Bicol


The Bicol progressive group condemned the Anti-Terror Bill, now waiting to be signed into law by President Rofrigo Duterte. as enabling the country to become a police state.

If passed into law, it will make our country a police state.

Sectoral alliance group, Bagong Alyansang Makabayan-Bicol Region {BAYAN-Bicol}, said the vague definition of what constitute an “act of terrorism” and who can be “tagged as terrorists” posit grave threat to human rights, civil liberties and democratic rights of the people in the hands of people in government who are skillful in weaponizing the law, and in planting evidence against critics and dissenters of the government’s anti-people policies, and in filing trumped-up cases.

BAYAN said: “With the kind of mindset the law enforcement authorities have, anybody, and just anybody can be a victim of this monstrous law.”

This anti-terrorism law will violate the right to privacy as it allows state security forces, with the approval of the Anti-Terrorism Council (ATC), to put any subject under surveillance and demand from TELCOs to furnish the authorities with the recorded communications of the subject in mobile phones and in the internet.

The vocal progressive alliance said the proposed anti-terrorism law violates the Constitutional provision of maximum of 72 hours-detention period without charges in court for high crimes, as it allows the maximum of 14 days detention period without charges.

It also removes the accountability of arresting officers when the case in court against the arrested person is dismissed which was provided in the Human Security Act of 2007.

In essence, this law will become a potent instrument for “state terrorism”.


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