Philippine rural folks rescue Dolphin Calf in Sorsogon water, then set free


World conservationists for dolphin protection have reasons to be happy.

A young dolphin was saved in Philippine waters by local authorities on Saturday, June 6, 2020, and set free the distressed dolphin into deep water.

According to local officials of Matnog town, Sorsogon Province, Philippines, the Risso Calf Dolphin was rescued from shallow water at Subic Islet, near coastal Calintaan village of Matnog town.

The town of Matnog is located at the southern tip end of Philippine Luzon Island.

Rescuing the dolphin calf, Matnog town officials contacted the Philippine Coast Guard and the Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources to evaluate the condition of the dolphin calf for its proper handling and disposition.

On Saturday afternoon, the Philippine rescuers brought the dolphin calf to the deep water section of the sea for evaluation, then it was set free.

The Philippine government has been promoting the conservation of marine life and endangered marine species in its coastal towns and villages, and conducting conservation awareness seminars among local fishermen. [Bicol Today]


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