Naga City hall helps “van man” after social media uproar from Atty. Macaraig, netizens calling for “compassion”


By Joey Natividad

(UPDATED) After a lot of brouhaha was raised by local netizens led by civic leader Atty. Areiz Macaraig, demanding “compassion” from Naga City Hall over the pathetic plight of a returning Nagueño traveller, recuperating from surgery, who was left lying cramped up inside his L300 van, city officials finally intervened on Sunday.

“Charlie” now identified as Marvin Clarito by City officials, was transferred to Our Lady of Lourdes Infirmary, where he would be given medical attention.

On Sunday morning, Naga Mayor Nelson Legacion ordered Clarito’s transfer to the health center.

Clarito, with two companions, arrived in Naga City from Bataan on Saturday morning, despite lacking travel papers were allowed entry by border frontliners and were directed to a quarantine facility.

Clarito is recuperating from surgery on his hack wounds he got in Bataan, and has braces, can barely move. The photo of him cramped up inside a L300 van under quarantine had caused an uproar among netizens, led by lawyer Macaraig who called the attention of City Hall to give “compassion” to a Nagueño in distress.

Other netizens joined the clamor, suggesting that the injured man be brought to the hospital, and that Saturday night, Atty. Macaraig visited the patient who was still inside the van parked under a manggo tree, without a bed offered from the quarantine facility.

On Sunday morning, Naga Mayor Nelson Legacion with Dr. Joseph Sanchez and City Hall officer Frank Mendoza visited Clarito and convinced him to be transferred to Our Lady of Lourdes Infirmary where he will be under quarantine and recuperate from his surgery.

Dr. Sanchez, an orthopedic surgeon, will be checking on him. [Bicol Today]


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