Civic leader Macaraig to Naga City Hall: Give compassion to injured man in van under quarantine


By Joey Natividad

A man from Bataan returning home to Naga City, Camarines Sur, still recuperating from surgery, was sent directly for quarantine, not to a hospital, by checkpoint frontliners Saturday morning, and when night fell, he was still holed up inside an L300 van.

Charlie (not his real name) is still recuperating from body injuries and with braces that he could barely move.

He was not redirected to a hospital, but frontliners left him lying cramped up inside his vehicle while undergoing quarantine.

His pathetic situation has caused netizens to call City Hall officials to show more “compassion” for a Naga native in distress.

Civic leader Atty. Areiz Macaraig called the attention of City Hall authorities, thru social media, to give compassion to “Charlie”, a Nagueño, who just arrived from Bataan.

On Saturday night, the patient is still inside the L-300 van, said Atty. Macaraig, who visited and brought him some items.

“He should have been given a bed to sleep on,” said the lawyer.

“Charlie” was feeling depressed after authorities told him he would be turned back to Bataan for allegedly travelling to Naga without the necessary travel permits and IATF, PNP clearances.

This angered lawyer Macaraig, as mentioned in his FB posts, who told authorities to show compassion for “Charlie”, a Nagueño, who has the right to return home to his residence and not to be shooed back to Bataan.

The quarantine facility is in Barangay Carolina, an upland village near the Mount Isarog foothills.

Other Naga netizens insisted that “Charlie” should have been redirected to a hospital for his wounds.

A City Hall checkpoint frontliner earlier insisted that “Charlie” left Bataan without the necessary clearances, such as travel passes and IATF and PNP approval.


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