Noel Dreu charged for illegal logging, grave misconduct, grave abuse of authority and for dishonesty


SORSOGON CITY — The celebration of a retirement party of Noel Dreu today will be a somber one knowing that an administrative case against him was filed at the Civil Service Commission, yesterday, March 9, for grave misconduct, dishonesty, grave abuse of authority and for illegal logging by Attorney Roberto Labitag, city legal officer. The filing was expected.

Labitag verified complaint was based on the fact-finding investigations of the City ENRO of the illegal logging activities at Barangay Cabarbuhan, Bacon District this city that Dreu was involved in the illegal activities without an official permit from an appropriate government agency. The cut trees were turned into lumber and converted for his personal benefit estimated to be worth millions of pesos. Forty-seven trees were cut.

There were 28 narra trees, some are centuries old, 8 bilwang trees, 5 hamogni trees, 2 lanete trees, 2 santol trees, 1 balig-ang tree, 1 buro-balete tree, a kalantas tree andf a carunot tree were illegally cut.

The complaint stated that several chainsaws were used to cut and one of which with Dreu’s direction was borrowed from the disaster management office of the city through his subordinate Michael D. Sincua. The vehicle used to transport the trees which are now turned into log and lumber, respondent Dreu used the city garbage dump trucks, the drivers and crew are job order personnel of Sorsogon city and under his supervision as the project manager of the clean and green program and as a de facto deputy city administrator for Bacon District.

According to the city legal officer, the action of Dreu was unbeknownst to his immediate superiors and contrary to law.

There are 19 annexes as documentary evidence consisting of judicial affidavits of Cabarbuhan Barangay officials, inspection report, DENR Transmittal letter to the Office of the President; RE: complaint 8888, the cutting of trees at Cabarbuhan, Bacon District, request form signed by Michael D. Sincua in behalf of Dreu for the release of the chainsaw by CDRRMO, letter of invitation of DENR-PENRO to City ENRO Gerona, Office Order No. 180, series of 2019, Deed of Absolute Sale of Real Property, letter to EMB Regional Director Roberto Sheen, ECC of Sorsogon City Nature and Wildlife Park and Sorsogon City council Resolution No.223-2012.

In a related development according to a source, Dreu anticipating a verified complaint started processing his clearance for property and money accountability but may find a hard time to secure the signature of the city legal officer. [Felix’Boy’ Espineda, Jr.]


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