A demi-god falls from heaven


Marginal Note
By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda Jr.

The revelation that a department head at Sorsogon City hall was involved in the illegal logging at the eco-park and forest reserve of Sorsogon City last Tuesday by City ENRO Ronando Gerona, was a classic case of a government employee abusing the little authority repose in his delegated position thereby dragging the reputation of the residents of San Roque of Bacon District to sarcasm for their son who wields power and strut authority in the corridors of city hall is a master of ploy.

It was a lesson that many are weary for those who possess power and authority may have a criminal lurking mind waiting to punch at best timing believing that it will not be noticed and be off the hook if ever. The action was gigantic in scope, initiating ploy by using underlings for the dirty works, taking advantage of their loyalty without consideration to the little integrity to their names. Commandeering government vehicles, equipment and manpower to hide the misdeed were calculated to give a semblance of order but such was notorious that upon discovery the sweat was more than the ordinary and become a cry baby.

It is comparable to an elephant stomping the ground of Cabarbuhan smothering the tiniest of creatures. That behemoth leaves nothing but fools the community that what was done is for the interest of the public given his position and authority and closeness to the power that is. By that, he becomes a vulture prying the innocent and a triumphant howling wolf.

What was left are the carcass among the proud hardwood trees of Cabarbuhan and San Vicente, what remains are comparable to a victim of a hungry jackal that similar vultures would not dare touch. On it lies years to rehabilitate depriving the vegetation of its elegance and pride. The act insulted the community and the people of Sorsogon City. It was utter disrespect comparable to a two-headed hydra with one looking innocent, the other devilish, unremorseful and full of deceptions. It was comfortably dumb.

Flaunting power, wealth and gold showcase a lifestyle that drools many, in the same vein, it also smacks more of negative for not out of envy but consternation. They say why not fashion a ring, necklace, bracelet and other knickknacks out of the sturdy felled trees. By that, you are promoting the value and abundance of Sorsogon forest products. Perhaps your entrepreneurship ability can do that as what was done to secure the value of the missing lumber. The forest product should be accounted for a good measure.

As revealed an administrative case will be filed and any delay for its filing is a victory of sort for the inglorious soul but will not stand well with the conscience of Sorsogon. It is expected that heads should roll for the gravity of the offense calls that justice is served. Needed now is to “walk the talk.”

That is now the most desired answer, where did it end-up, who benefitted most, what was promised after the deed and importantly who ordered.

But the hands are tied knowing that the tragedy calls for a scapegoat, a pawn move by the shadow, clearly no more than an ilk out of the desire to prove to a master and of course to take a bigger slice. Pity yourself, you are now holding an empty bag, your whims and caprices are gone, no one dares to touch you with a ten feet pole, feel the antagonism of city hall employees. All that belongs to you are the accusing fingers, the cases to be filed and shame to your name.

You entered a labyrinth of complex extreme that a virus of greed seeps the veins, it is bleeding not of blood, but that of the tree sops that cleansing it with sawdust cannot erase the stigma of culpability no matter how innocent you insist.

Tagging you as involved vindicated the lowly people who have no illusions to your scheme, they are not only rejoicing but looking forward that you become as repentant, lowly and humbled. They are not for vengeance, they are telling real stories against fiction and tales. Calling you to face squarely the public outcry for what is for Caesar is for Caesar.

To cut clean now is improbable, it could have been easy years ago for early retirement but, that hunger to wield and bully your way around was too much to pass. You become immune to the dictum that “what goes up must come down” believing that as a demi-god, nothing bad will befall from heaven but the truth is: the Demi-god has fallen and out of the graces of the kings’ court.


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