Sorsogon City ENRO tagged Noel Dreu for illegal logging


SORSOGON CITY — With a jam-packed crowd to hear who was behind the illegal logging of hardwood at the city-owned forest land in Barangay Cabarbuhan and San Vicente at Bacon District, Sorsogon City. Ronando Gerona, City Environment and Natural Resorouces Officer (CENRO) identified Noel Dreu, secretary of the city council who was also designated as deputy administrator for Bacon District also the in-charge of the clean and green program was behind the illegal logging of seventy-nine fully grown trees.

Gerona said, that it conducted three inspections of different dates at the affected areas upon the directive of the city mayor when it received reports of the illegal activities reported by the residents of the barangays, that they conducted interviews with the barangay officials who revealed that vehicles with Sorsogon city markings were seen hauling the cut lumber. The driver was also identified as a job order employee at the city hall and a close confidant of Dreu, as certain Resty Gonzales.

The report was made public after the go-ahead from the city administrator present and the city legal officer.

Also identified are Severino Detera and a Nonoy Detera and a certain Hubilla, all of San Roque, Bacon who are all job order employees helped in transporting the lumber on several occasions was the information given by one of the barangay officials when asked by Bicol Today, adding that they are very close to Dreu. Julieta Rosas the caretaker of the Cabarbuhan eco-park alleged that it was Noel Dreu who ordered the cutting and was informed by him that the lumber will be used by the city for the construction of stalls.

Rosas was overheard at the hearing saying that during the investigation at PENRO-DENR Sorsogon office he already pinpointed Dreu as the person who ordered the illegal logging at Cabarbuhan and he was there inspecting the progress of the cutters.

Another revelation was the use of the city disaster office of the chainsaw which was released to Michael Sincua in behalf of the request of Dreu. The unit was released on January 7, 2020, and was returned February 17, 2020, the timeframe of the illegal activities at Cabarbuhan and San Vicente. The release was made that it will be used by the team of Dreu to clear portions of certain areas devastated by typhoon Tisoy was the reason given by Sincua.

On his part, Dreu accused Gerona, City ENRO; Atty. Roberto Labitag, City Legal Officer that they have an ax to grind against him, he resorted for a radio interview naming former city councilor Manuel Diolata, Jobert Bercasio, a mediaman, his assistant secretary Nonoy Sipoy and some media entities for over-reporting. [Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr. / Bicol Today]


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