Dengue cases reach 100 in two months in Sorsogon


SORSOGON CITY – Some 100 cases of dengue have been reported in Sorsogon Province within a two-month period, alarming Health officials and the public while healthcare observers remind the need to practice the 4 rules in cleanliness to fight the mosquito-borne disease.

On record, Sorsogon City has 91 dengue cases, followed by Casiguran with 18 cases, Castilla at Gubat with 10 each, Juban has 7, Bulusan 6, and Prieto Diaz 5, while the other towns get their shares of one up to three cases.

Another media outfit reported 159 dengue cases in the province, mentioning the Provincial Health Office as its source.

In a related development, Regina Gonzalgo, head of Health Education Promotion of PHO reminds the public to practise the 4 o’clock habit of 4S against the spread of dengue.

Gonzalgo explains 4S as Search and destroy mosquito breeding sites; Seek Early Consultation; Secure Self Protection Measures; and Support Fogging/Spraying hot spot areas.

She said there are towns that are doing measures to fight dengue by focusing on environmental cleanliness. The disease is carried by mosquitoes that live on stagnant water.

“Practicing the 4S daily will impact clean surroundings, preventing the occurrence of dengue and deprive the mosquito carriers of breeding sites.


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