Albay representative Joey Salceda’s “licking ass, playing ball” in politics


CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region – Albay Representative Joey Salceda got a tweetful of “disloyalty stinging remarks” after netizens have discovered him of “licking ass” and “playing ball” so often with political giants that got him branded as “super balingbing.”

According to netizens, it was a superb expertise for Salceda to “play ball” with Presidents and aspiring ones, wannabees so that his monumental infrastructure projects by the billions of pesos are “insured” if his Presidential bet get a whooping landslide.

Netizens over the week tweeted on Salceda who was discovered of “changing clothes so fast”, as often as the poll surveys ring their ratings on the trending bet during the last Presidential elections.

A tweet scored Salceda for “dancing the chacha” with then President Gloria Macapal-Arroyo, presidential bet Gibo Teodoro, ex-President Noynoy Aquino, and currently President Rodrigo Duterte.

Another tweeted “I don’t know who needs to hear this, but no other Bicolano has this “range”.

In Presidential polls 2010, Salcedo abandoned Lakas-Kampi-CMD when Arroyo was ending her term, and boarded Noynoy Aquino’s ship.

Before changing ship, also “changing clothes”, Salceda had proudly boasted of backing GMA’s Gibo for the President post, but he hastily joined the Liberal when the opportunity came up and got himself the post as Bicol regional chairman of the party.

Changing loyalty is Salceda’s finest skill, turning it into an art.

In Presidential poll 2016, for reasons known only to him, Salceda grabbed Presidential bet Grace Poe’s hand for the tango, after giving up dancing with Mar Roxas, Leni Robredo and the Liberal Party.

Salceda always have a ready excuse for his turncoatism. [Joey Natividad]


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