Sorsogon NPA owns inflicting death punishment to military asset


SORSOGON CITY, Sorsogon Province – The rebel group in this province admitted the killing of Antonio Benzon, Jr., a military asset, who was shot dead Saturday at the cockpit area in Barangay Colambis, Casiguran.

The gunmen also took the victim’s gun before leaving the scene.

On the same day, the Celso MInguez Command of the New People’s Army [NPA] based in the province gave out a statement in the internet owning the killing

NPA spokesman Samuel Guerrero claimed the killing of Benzon aka Hazel was a form of revolutionary justice meted on him for being a traitor by surrendering to state forces, bringing along with him a few red fighters and several assault weapons.

According to Guerrero, Hazel/Benzon surrendered to military authorities and became involved in counter-insurgency, including the extra-judicial killings of activists and peasant leaders, and head of military’s secret death squad.

The victim was behind the surrender of several NPA red fighters in April 2018, and stealing of two M16s. one M14, a carbine, a KG9 submachine gun, and other guns belonging to the rebel group.

“Their group also served as death squad of the military, responsible for the killing of peasant leader Bernabe Estiller of Barangay San Antonio, Barcelona on November 8, 2019, and also on the killing of human rights local leaders Ryan Hubilla and Nelly Bagasala of Sorsogon City on June 15, 2019. He was also involved in a rape incident in Gubat town,” said Guerrero.


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