Man of the hour



The Book of Genesis has a new chapter!

Is Sorsogon City to experience forty days of rain and flood that a man intends to duplicate Noah’s Ark using the hardwood of the protected eco-park in Cabarbuhan?

Spare the city of further embarrassment as an alter ego. When you were vetted honesty was expected. It fell off like the hardwood of Cabarbuhan because the noise of the chainsaw echoed more than expected.

In less than a month you will retire, city hall will not miss your swag, all they will remember are the souls of the trees of the eco-park that were ignored. They became ghosts staring like the sword of death which can’t be evaded. All you left was a legacy of distrust and abuse.

Many believed that you were lying beneath your teeth though pointed at as knowing who did it. That fear was seen all over your face unsure what is next. Well, that’s the price as the man of the hour.

You were invited by PENRO-DENR Sorsogon to shed light on the controversial issues at the eco-park. Witnesses that day pictured you as a man with a shrinking ball, denying more than Judas, all because you have crossed the thin line of the forestry act that can send you behind bars. Without delay PENRO-DENR Sorsogon should submit the investigation report and the output of the technical conference to prove true to their mandate as their legal department determines the culpable.

The city council should dig deeper to find the truth for it “takes two to tango” and mercy if it failed, the scar remains. Don’t be a part of a grand delusion that mercy and compassion is not the best thing to do as public officials responsible for people’s welfare without fear or favor.

Things becomes ironic, the one investigated was tasked to invite resource persons to answer questions, among them those responsible for wasting the eco-park landscape as if carpet-bombed. The hardwood fletches were estimated to be twenty-eight million in value. The park rangers were caught sleeping or one may think that the role of bills made them sloppy and blind.

It was said that one of your sons was seen supervising the area at the time in question, though again deniable as if the land was his own. The city of Sorsogon owns it and you have no business to enterprise the hardwood. What was done was an overkill of a deputy.

Those involved are hostages of their own act, picking their ego beyond repair. Cabarbuhan is now their dress code. The driver of the green and the white truck that hauled the “garbage” will soon scrape the bottom and point their finger to the man who ordered.

Others who are involved should fear for your holding an empty bag, letting the worms out of the can, letting them crawl to conscience the guilty. Cover-up is only a palliative of time, obstruction of justice is a criminal act. You don’t preserve integrity to suit the master. The action is savvy beyond the designation, but behind it is a criminal mindset.

The power and privilege you enjoyed in the department you seem to own. A son, his wife and other relatives are squeezed in out of the forty legislative staff dispersing some of them to other departments to create a semblance of probity. Most are permanent employees out of your influence and bidding in exchange for early retirement. You failed to honor it as you salivated for the winnable. It speaks well of you. Your cunning is taking its toll so the noose is ready to snare.

Less than a month after the discovery of the felled trees the agony of shame beckons, alas your luck is fading in spite of your explaining for no one believes your innocence. Justice awaits for the felled trees at the protected eco-park and for the barangay council and others wrongly accused.


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