CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region – A large “red” crowd had turned out in support for ABS-CBN which is under siege as it faces a hostile Congress which is not keen in renewing its franchise, and a legal battle before the Supreme Court after the Solicitor General filed a quo warranto against the firm the other week.

The “red crowd” converged Friday night, Valentine’s Day, at Esguerra Gate, ABS-CBN, after various media groups spearheaded by National Union of Journalists of the Philippines [NUJP] appealed publicly to media colleagues and supporters to show up, wearing red, in solidarity of support for the media giant.

Watch drone video Red Friday night at ABS-CBN.

On Wednesday, organized media groups had called for colleagues and supporters to converge before twilight, Friday, Valentine’s Day, at Esguerra gate, ABS-CBN. in Quezon City, in support for the renewal of franchise and continuity of the media giant to operate in public service.

NUJP called to its members for solidarity with ABS-CBN, a statement for mobilization had reached Bicol Today in Naga City on Thursday.

The support for ABS-CBN has been snowballing among concerned sectors which have been seeing the machination and systematic curtailment of press freedom by the power-hungry Duterte Administration.

ABS-CBN franchise to operate shall expire on March, and it needs Congressional action for franchise renewal. Rumors going the rounds among Congressmen say franchise renewal for ABS-CBN may not happen owing to pressures from MalacaƱang.

To reinforce MalacaƱang’s intent to shutdown the media giant, the Solicitor General other week filed a quo warranto against the firm before the Supreme Court.

President Duterte was perceived as harboring hatred on the media giant, which has become critical on him for his controversial decisions and policies.

Media groups such as NUJP, Altermidya, and other organizations are seeing Duterte’s actions as “harsh measures in suppressing press freedom.”

Duterte has “red-tagged” critical media practitioners who are now placed in dangerous risky situations of being assassinated by “right-wing groups”

There had been several harassment’s, and killings of media men, and several of them had been critical on his administration. [Joey Natividad/Bicol Today]


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