Chainsaw “massacre” of good lumber, narra trees in Sorsogon City-owned Eco Park


SORSOGON CITY — Mystery deepens on who ordered the cutting of good lumber, including state-protected narra trees, as Environment personnel investigated the remnants of about 40 narra trees that were illegaly cut inside the city-owned Eco-Park on January 2020.

According to locals at Barangay Cabarbuhan, Bacon District, this city, the pieces of cut lumber were taken out by men identified as working at City Hall, and the vehicles used have official Sorsogon City logo markings.

Media interviews disclosed that the local DENR-PENRO was not aware of the illegal cutting of trees and it did not issue any permit to anybody to cut trees at the city-owned Eco-Park.

Some residents in the village said the felled trees, and what had remained of them – barks, wood waste, and branches, were discovered last week of January, this year.

A village official said City Hall people had taken the pieces of lumber and loaded them into government vehicles. She and other villagers thought the activities were entirely legal and official.

Cabarbuhan Barangay Captain Rowena Dongsao said, over media interview, she learned about the illegal cutting on January 27, this year, when the Park caretaker discovered the remnants of the trees felled by chainsaw.

When the initial reports were exposed by media, City Hall has not yet issued any statement with the alleged excuse that the incident is still under investigation by the provincial Environment and Natural Resources office.

Rumors are already coming out that an official of Sorsogon City is involved in the illegal cutting of trees. Pending the outcome of the investigation, the official is not yet named.


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