Conservatives urged to probe gov’t population program on Filipino women being used for “drug-testing human guinea-pigs”


By Joey Natividad

PILI, Camarines Sur – Conservatives and the religious sectors are urged to conduct probe on the government population program being implemented in remote villages.

Upon reaching the age of 9, young elementary girls, still in Grade 3, are already handpicked by village health workers for vaccination of anti-cervical cancer drug. The vaccinations are being implemented in far remote areas, this government program is mandatory, whom parents cannot freely refuse.

These young students, still considered children and minors, by Philippine cultural standards are not yet considered as sexually-active. Their rights as minors are being violated in this population program.

In the United States, vaccination for anti-cervical cancer are being applied to 11-12 years old, allegedly a preventive measure among the young who start early as sexually-active individuals.

Government rationale, as dessiminated by village health workers, is deceptive, conveying the belief that the children will be free from diseases, and that they will not contract cervical cancer, an ailment that usually strikes women at middle age.

Government policy is targetting to vaccinate about 700,000 young girls this year 2020.


In another population program application, poorly-trained village health workers are injecting implants to rural mothers on their buttocks or upper arms with the promise that they will not get pregnant in three years.

According to reports, the injection of implants is free, but the government has no program on how to surgically remove the implants when their usefulness are nearing expiration.

Reports say the implant inserted under the flesh of the uppen arm is about 2 inches long, syringe-like, allegedly containing hormones that are gradually released impacting the fertility and menstrual cycle.

Several young mothers have reported to Bicol Today that they had suffered migraine, nausea, loss of appetite, periodic pain, lumps on their breasts, after getting injected of the implants. They were told by health workers the implant is effective for three years whose removal shall be on the third year.

Complaining mothers who want the implants removed must visit a doctor to remove surgically the implant which is costly among mothers who are poor. They find out later the government has no program to remove the implants when they reach expiration.

There is speculation that these anti-cervical cancer vaccinations and implants are “under medical- or drug-testing,” research-and-develpment phase of pharmaceutical companies wnich require dispensing these to thousands of human patients before getting final approval for general application. If proven true, rural Filipino women are being used as “human guinea pigs for large-scale drug-testing.”

According to concerned citizens only the conservative and religious sectors have the strong motivation to conduct a deeper probe on this government population program.

The conservative bloc had opposed the passage of the Reproductive Health law which has opened the widespread use of population control measures under the guise of “family planning and health-care.”


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