Catholic parish priest succumbs to pneumonia and dengue in Sorsogon


BULUSAN, Sorsogon — Sorsogon Catholic priest Msgr. Gerry del Prado died of pneumonia and dengue Monday. He was rushed to a hospital Sunday night, but he died around 4:00 morning of Monday, Dec 30, 2019. He passed away due to sepsis and cardiac arrest, source said.

Del Prado was the parish priest of Bulusan.

He was former Vicar General of the Diocese of Sorsogon, former general manager of radio station dzGN FM and had handled various positions in the Diocese of Sorsogon.

Del Prado was a big loss in the clergydom.

Town folks were shocked and felt sad upon hearing the news of Msgr. del Prado sudden death. He had been active in the church activities, days covering the celebration of Christmas. [Bicol Today]


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