Camarines Sur ‘dirty’ politics heating up as typhoon Tisoy steaming in full force


SAGÑAY, Camarines Sur – While this local government has been sending out evacuation teams that started Saturday in anticipation of Typhoon Tisoy’s forecasted barreling toward Camarines Sur on Monday night, provincial politics at play is pressuring a burden on the local government initiative.

A well-informed source said Camarines Sur Governor Migz Villafuerte has ordered forced evacuation of residents in high-risks areas province-wide, but on Sagñay town, the provincial government wants the evacuated residents be quartered in an evacuation center on the mountain village of Aniog.

Barangay Aniog is high-risk, vulnerable to landslides, but the provincial government wants them there, while ignoring the safety and convenience offered by the evacuation center in the town centro (proper).

In Camarines Sur politics, Sagñay Mayor Jovie Fuentebella is at odds with Governor Villafuerte.

The town evacuation center is very near to a hospital and health center, with power and communication facilities, and road network.

According to another source, the 2 officials do not coordinate with each other on activities of public importance.

During last year’s tragic landslides in Patitinan village where dozens of people died during the landslides, the Sangay local government had launched rescue operations in extended periods, while the provincial government did its own rescue and relief activities.

At present, in anticipation of Typhoon Tisoy barreling on the town, the local government is preparing evacuation centers within the town proper, while the provincial government is focusing on the mountain village of Aniog, about 5 kilometers from the town centro.

Local residents are anticipating that after the typhoon, the town and provincial governments will conduct their own rescue and relief operations separately. [Bicol Today]


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