Kasanggayahan Festival 2019 kick-starts with a press briefing

Sorsogon Governor Chiz Escudero. PHOTO BY DALE CARPIO / BICOLTODAY.COM

SORSOGON CITY, 27Sept2019 — To officially start on October 1, the month-long Kasaggayahan 2019 kick-off in a briefing on the tri-media and online news portal what is in store in celebrating the 125th years of existence of Sorsogon as a province and to commemorate the 450th year since the first mass on the island of Luzon was held in Sitio Gibalon, now the town of Magallanes. The briefing covered the festival as proof of the vibrancy of the Sorsoganon and its tradition aiming for national and international consciousness.

Governor Chiz Escudero answering questions and giving an analogic response to those who are still doubtful about the first mass in Luzon. Quipping, he said, “if there is a proof that Pangasinan has the distinction for it, for the last 450 years no absolute historical records can prove that there was a mass in that place in 13th century. As long as there is no incontrovertible proof that Gibalon was not the place we will continue to celebrate that Christianity in Luzon started that day in Gibalon.

Gracing the commemoration is the Papal Nuncio His Eminence Garbiele Giordano Caccia and the Spanish Ambassador to the Philippines His Excellency Jorge Moragas Sanchez, by themselves alone speaks that Gibalon has the distinction of hosting the first Christian mass on Luzon island.

The 20 million budget for the month-long festival commemorates the 125th year of the existence of Sorsogon as a province, the 450th year since the first mass in Luzon was celebrated in Gibalon, the 45th year of the Festival since it was launch in 1974, the continuing partnership of a church that works in setting aside differences for the province’s prosperity and development, aside from celebrating the 25th year of the Kasanggayan Foundation Inc.

The province is not expecting any return of investment, it is more than enough that that long as Sorsoganons are happy, enjoying the best of talents within, believing that what we are doing is nothing short of local creativity, and as we continue the tradition of Pantomina, we can’t be wrong, was the organizer’s belief.

The calendar includes sporting events, agri-tourism trade expo, an art fest, eco-trail at Bulusan National Park, swell fest at Lola Sayong surf camp and to highlight is the Pantomina sa Tinampo aiming to be recorded in the Guinness World Records for the most number of participants in a folk dance in the country. All activities are centered on the catchphrase of Sorsogon Kada Sorsoganon Magtabang, asymmetry of dialects from the two districts of the province.

This time around the organizers taking a cue from the governor are making the unknowing knows what is there in Sorsogon, and obviously one might be curious and expectant what Kasanggayahan Festival is all about.

“I have always believed that the enrichment of culture, heritage, and the arts are necessary for creating projects and activities for our province. Not only it does pave way for the development of local tourism, but it also strengthens the identity and affinity of the People of Sorsogon” was how the governor envisioned Kasanggayahan 2019. [BicolToday.com]


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