Protesting farmers want Sorsogon Board Member Atutubo to apologize “for red-tagging”

Board Member Edmundo Atutubo

SORSOGON CITY, 19Sept2019 – Board Member Edmundo Atutubo, who dished out a mouthful to protesting farmers, is now pressured by public opinion to apologize.

Atutubo has “red-tagged” protesting farmers opposing the quarrying of the upper portion of Cawayan River in his radio program at Pasalingaya FM by calling them “front of the communist movement and accusing them as trouble makers”. (Read related news )

His irresponsible remarks got a backlash from protesting farmers which claimed his alleged accusations “were unfounded and unnecessarily put our lives as an easy target for liquidation by state troopers.”

This has become now the main safety concern of the aggrieved farmers and environmentalists who are demanding a public apology from him.

The group described Atutubo as a public official who should wash his mouth with antiseptics before making use of the airwaves to accuse anyone of flat lies.

“He should be circumspect in his statement for we are as circumspect when we nod in approval of his gender, this false accusation against us only proves that he is no longer a sensible public official but a propagandist of his new masters whom he lavishly praises,” protesting group said.

They are still doubtful, if indeed, the Provincial Government would strictly impose the stoppage of quarrying in the river and would only allow heavy equipment to dredge,

Atutubo is temporarily off the air as monitored by aggrieved farmers, and that their demand for a public apology during a session of the Sangguniang Panlalawigan should be aired in his program. []

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