Revamp looms at Sorsogon City hall – source

The Sorsogon City Hall. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO

By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

SORSOGON CITY — Words are out that the transition team of the in-coming Sorsogon City Mayor Ma. Ester Hamor recommended a revamp of certain city hall department whose head of the office was heavily involved during the campaign period.

The team according to an insider identified the CDRRMO for its commentaries and display of partisanship, the CSWDO for the release of indigent funds, the Agriculture department head is also eyed for its failure to maintain neutrality during the campaign and three other heads of offices for various transgressions.

CDRRMO is headed by Ramil Marianito who as a co-anchor in their family-owned radio station aired commentaries on a live-streamed program together with the city consultant voicing opinion critical of Vice-governor Ester Hamor who was then running for city mayor and heaping praises to Mayor Sally Lee, his political patron.

Such patronage and programming style was a clear case of electioneering and may put him in a situation, not to his liking was the insider information, he should decide either to resign as a graceful exit or face charges for electioneering and other election-related offenses. He knows the sentiment of the city mayor-elect when they were invited for a face talk at her residence according to one of those present who does not wish to be identified.

The insider also revealed that the CSWDO head allowed the use of his office for political ends, dispensing favors above normal knowing that there are limitations to it. The documents supporting the transactions were not duly accomplished when confronted by a member of the transition team.

The most affected however are the 2,035 job order employees whose contract ends on June 30, some will be retained and the ghost will be exorcised. Records on hand with the transition team identified CENRO to have hired 516 job order employees among them are 143 street cleaners, 139 as the maintenance man for solid waste management, 77 are listed as eco-aide’s, garbage collection work has 85 and 10 are tasked as river guard.

The city public market was allotted with 89 job order employees, traffic enforcers has 86 serving under job order, civil security for slaughterhouse, Amberg and city hall are 82 in all. The agriculture department has 84 assigned in Bantay Baybay , bantay dagat, pili/abaca tapper, fish sanctuary guard and nursery caretaker.

An insider from the transition team revealed that the office of the city mayor from January to June 2019 has at its disposal 696 job order employees believed most were hired for political purpose. []


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