Bulan public market selling coated fish?

Photo courtesy of Gadya Digital Shop

By BicolToday.com News Team

BULAN, Sorsogon – To the surprise of market goers of this town, some of the fish section of Bulan town public market were selling a new variety of fish suspected to be coated with transparent material probably plastic.

The mackerel (Alumahan in tagalog and Buraw in Bikol) was offered by fish vendors lately and residents only found out of its texture when they were preparing it for cooking. “Nagduda kami kay naghihinlas an kutsityo sa lawas kan sira, inimod namo an lawas naimod namo pa bagan may nakasupot na plastic. Kung yelo yadto natunaw na kuta, An hasang kaini maputi na bagan awaton na yelado ini.”

(We were curious why the knife cannot slice the fish and looking at it seems to be coated with a transparent material which we surmise is plastic, if coated with ice then it can easily melt but it did not. The gills are white meaning this was freeze for a long time.)

The suspect fish was release to a BFAR personnel for proper disposition. [BicolToday.com]

Photo courtesy of Gadya Digital Shop


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