Duterte a coward to protest Chinese indulgence on chipping of PH mineral wealth, say militant students

Illustration by Paul Eric Roca

QUEZON CITY – Nationalist students called Duterte a coward in the wake of Chinese intrusion on Philippine shorelines, chipping away pieces of Ph resources thru illegal mining and dredging.

Militant students learned the Chinese government has again intruded our territorial waters through the MV Emerald, a 12,990-ton hopper dredger with a crew from China. The vessel anchored off at Lobo town, awaiting a decision by Philippine officials on whether it could start digging for sand in a 6.5-kilometer stretch of the Lobo River in Batangas province.

The League of Filipino Students (LFS) condemned the series of incursions and plunder instigated by China, all at the expense of our own country’s national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Just last week, Malacanang has conceded that the Philippines has no control over the West Philippine Sea. The other day, Filipino fisherfolk in Scarborough shoal were prohibited from their daily operations of fishing.

“Duterte’s deliberate disregard on the recent attacks of the Chinese government on our own waters, on the livelihood of his own people, and the militarization of the West Philippine Sea is a clear proof of his cowardice in the face of outright foreign plunder. We have a president who could not defend us from real terrorists and violators of basic human rights”, LFS national spokesperson Kara Taggaoa said.

Under Duterte’s flagship Build, Build, Build program, Chinese loan-funded infrastructures have been tools to further bury our country into China’s debt trap policies. On top of these, Chinese military installations have started to intimidate ordinary Filipinos, projecting to protect us from conflicts and other territorial disputes.

“The real dispute here is not between the Philippine and Chinese government but, between Xi Jin Ping and Duterte and the people. We continue to be victims of their corporate greed, desperate hold of political an economic monopoly. The rightful owners of or natural resources are the ones who have, for the longest time, enriched them. They are the ordinary Filipino people”, Taggaoa said. [BicolToday.com]


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