Camarines Sur militants sympathize with Negros EJK victims; warn of similar police ops shaping up in Bicol

Photo courtesy of Brigada News-FM San Carlos

PILI, Camarines Sur – Militant and organized groups in Camarines Sur expressed condolence for the 14 farmers and civilians killed in “anti-crime operations” in Negros Oriental last March 30.

However, the groups belonging to BAYAN Camarines Sur have vowed to continue the struggle for the liberation of the masses from poverty and oppression amid ruthless campaigns by President Duterte to destroy dissent and militancy among sectors questioning his economic, political, and anti-crime policies.

BAYAN Cam Sur also expressed alarm that the wave of ruthless police actions against dissent by using “Tokhang” style in Negros Oriental is also shaping up the Bicol Region.

Nelsy Rodriguez, spokesperson for BAYAN Cam Sur, said State operatives have adopted Enhanced Comprehensive Local Integration Program, or E-CLIP in Camarines Sur and other Bicol Provinces that require adding more AFP troops in the region, and launching police operations similar to Negros Oriental’s Synchronized Enhanced Managing Police Operations (SEMPO), under E.O. 32, that resulted to the killing of 14 farmers and detention of others.

E-CLIP is being monitored as beefing up more AFP troops into suspected NPA areas, and in the nearby future, to launch anti-insurgency operations against legal groups using “Tokhang” model in anti-drug campaigns. []


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