Never cower to a whim


Marginal Note
By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

The issue of interference on the apprehension of trucks loaded with illegally source quarry materials as narrated in the reply of the five resigned Task Force Kalikasan (Quarry) members of PENRO-LGU of Sorsogon is not an isolated case. Others in their silence suffered the same fate. But the bigger issue is why a person should lord over as if it owns all the earthly goods.

Each department has its own mandate to follow. It is an obligation of a public officer on how the duties and responsibilities is dispense without fear or favor. Accepting an inch of favor is a deliberate attempt to suppress certain regulations, but currying favors under duress is a challenge to the integrity of the public officer and the office it represents.

Civilly, when one enters a public office, an amiable approach is desired. If personnel handling is a monster of sort, then that premises is ready for a confrontation which was not the case that day. That incident at the PENRO-LGU office was obnoxious at its best and worst has a criminal intent to persuade TFK members to commit an illegal act. Because of their deputation they are mandated and obligated to follow the regulated intent and clearly, they stood with it. Submitting their resignation is proof that they are serving the province not that of a whim. Their stand is a black eye on the people who transgresses decency and normal procedures and an insult to those who professes to have everything in their palm.

If one wields power a counter balance is humbleness, if that is lacking, then a character as dumb as garbage is exhibited. How to handle arrogance can be tricky but upending the act is an example of courage within bounds. Their courage will not be lost in the mind of the oppressor for at some point knowing that a retreat is not in his bag vengeance in more ways will creep for seldom an ambitious and arrogant man apply the word pity.

David Hume said…“where ambition can cover its enterprises, even to the person himself, under the appearance of principle, it is the most incurable and inflexible of passion.” It applies.

The concerted action of the five resigned Task Force Kalikasan members is proof that one cannot have everything no matter how powerful. That incident was a crossroad of knowing when to say NO.

Kudos to the five brave souls.


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