Encounter between police and NPA in Basud, Camarines Norte is a fake – says NPA

Basud, Camarines Norte. Photo courtesy Wikipedia.org

DAET, Camarines Norte – The reported Sunday encounter in Tuaca, Basud, this province between New People’s Army (NPA) fighters and police resulting to a NPA casualty was a fake, the Armando Catapia Command-NPA Camarines Norte (ACC-NPA) declared Wednesday.

Carlito Cada, spokesman for ACC-NPA, said there was no NPA unit in the area where the alleged firefight with police units took place.

“The encounter was between Camarines Norte police against an armed syndicate being supported by the military. The criminal group called themselves ‘Hukbong Itim’ which conducts extortion activities in Mercedes-San Vicente-San Lorenzo-Daet and Basud areas and who are based near the AFP/CAFGU camp.” the rebel spokesman revealed in a statement posted at the internet.

Killed in the alleged encounter was Jonathan Brondia, a syndicate member, who was always frequenting the 22nd CAFGU Detachment at Guinatungan, San Lorenzo town. His group has been using the name “NPA” in their criminal activities and he was killed to cover up his links with the police/military,” Cada said.

According to the rebel spokesman, there was also a fake encounter at Sitio Malapat, Ba’ay, Camarines Norte on December 29, 2018 and cases of extra-judicial killings on civilians Lope Elnar in Batobalani, Paracale, and Ernesto Natada of Silang 1, Labo last January.


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