3 suspects identified in kidnap try in Camarines Sur 

Photo courtesy of Brigada News fm Bicol

By Joey Natividad

OCAMPO, Camarines Sur – (Update) The 2 victims are young girls, not boys, in the alleged kidnap try by three young men on Saturday night, March 2, in Pili, Camarines Sur.

Nabbed in Ocampo by police operatives are suspects Paulo Juno Milabo Nerva, 27, resident of Dayangdang, Naga City; Juan Antonio de Jesus Castillo, 27, of Barangay Haring, Canaman; and Art Vincent Dialogo Revilla, 27, of Barangay Balatas, Naga City.

According to police investigators, 2 of the suspects are male nurses and the other one is the son of a former top official of a big hospital in Naga City.

Police withheld the names of the 2 minor victims, one is 11 years old and the other girl, 16 years old.

Investigators revealed the 3 men on board a gray Toyota Hilux allegedly snatched the 2 minor girls, but the would-be victims managed to force themselves to run away, and the incident was seen by a for-hire motorcycle driver.

Barangay captain Erwin Borja of Santo Nino, Pili, called up the Barangay captain of San Antonio, Ocampo, a neighboring village, and informed him about the kidnap try, and the latter called up Ocampo police to intercept the vehicle.

Ocampo Police Chief Capt. Allan Lopez immediately mobilized his men to guard the exit point from San Antonio and intercepted the Toyota Hilux.

Later, the 2 victims positively identified the 3 suspects.

According to Pili police spokesman Eleno Calongui, the 3 suspects were only looking for “adventure”, preying on unsuspecting girls for pleasure.

But, police investigation is digging deeper into the kidnap try incident.

Similar incidents have been reported in the region involving the abduction of minors with the use of get-away vehicles, with reports that big criminal syndicates are into this modus operandi to sell the girls into white slavery, whore houses (casa), and bid off their internal organs for surgical transplants on sick patients.

Pili police plan to file kidnapping raps against the three suspects. [BicolToday.com]

Read initial news story: http://bicoltoday.com/2019/03/06/cops-nab-3-kidnappers-in-ocampo-cam-sur/


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