Andaya duped by Sorsogon governor’s camp; fed fake info on Hamor’s projects


By News Team

SORSOGON CITY — The alleged photos shown by House Majority Leader Rolando Andaya as projects of Casiguran Mayor Edwin Hamor are previous photos which were still “on-going” and have given “wrongful message” to the people.

The camp of Sorsogon governor Robert Lee-Rodrigueza has provided false information to Andaya, chair of Committee on Rules, who is conducting an investigation of alleged irregularities of the release of huge amounts of funding by the Budget department to various projects in Casiguran town.

In effect, Andaya was fooled in these fake info, losing much credibility, whom the public dubbed the House committee hearing as “in aid of election.”

In Tuesday’s hearing at the House, the Sorsogon issue did not get much media mileage, while public interest has focused on the passport “data breach” issue and the Trillanes court ruling, the DPWH “75 billion” budget insertion is still a newsmaker.

In the radio program, Dong Mendoza, host of ITAK at Pasalinggaya 88.1 FM radio, said that Governor Rodrigueza and his men provided false information to Andaya, and has placed the province in a bad light.

Mendoza said, that the photos presented in the committee hearing by Andaya on Tuesday hearing, January 15, are the same photos presented by Rodrigueza during his press conference last year.

The photos, seen in the Andaya presentation, were previous photos where the project is still on-going.

The conspiracy between Andaya and Rodrigueza to put down the Hamor’s is very clear, according to the radio anchorman.

Hamor and Lee are now the closest political rival in 2019 election in the City of Sorsogon, where Vice- Governor Ester Hamor is running for Mayor against incumbent Sally Lee, the governor’s mother.

Word war between the two camps has been erupting, when Lee’s camp started bullying the Hamor family that triggered the latter to fight for the mayoralty post this coming 2019 election.

Now, the Lee camp is now putting down Hamor due to her popularity and gaining wide support from the common-tao.

Dahil dito sinakyan ng mga Lee ang isyu ni Andaya laban kay Budget Secretary Benjamin Diokno na kinokonekta ang relasyon ng mga Hamor na umano’y binigyan ng malaking pabor kaya nakakuha ng malaking halaga ng proyekto ang bayan ng Casiguran.

During the hearing in the House Committee on Rules, Hamor also denied being close to Diokno, whom he said he only met once at a wedding.

Mayor Hamor, said that he is not Diokno’s in-law. He stressed that Sicat was the son of his wife with her first husband and that Sicat did not live with them.

“Hindi po kami nagmi-meet, sa kasal lang… Di po ako balae,” he said

(“We rarely see each other, only at a wedding… I’m not his in-law.)

Andaya also asked Edwin to confirm the joint venture agreement between Aremar and CT Leoncio in Sorsogon for four infrastructure projects in 2018.

Edwin only said he is no longer affiliated with Aremar since he became mayor in 2016. []


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