PH rebel forces celebrate Communist Party’s 50th anniversary despite state “cyber” attack

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BICOL REGION, Philippines — The local communist groups here announced its 50th anniversary amid secret assemblies and programs in various places amid the monitoring eyes of military intelligence units.

However, the underground movement admitted its website became “inaccesible”, a cyber sabotage by state cyberwarfare unit, but it has managed to project itself unhampered over other social media thru hashtags #CPP50 and #LetsCelebrate that have gone trending over Twitter for several hours starting early morning until early afternoon.

The National Democratic Front-Bicol (NDF-Bicol) said it has released its major accomplishments for the region this year, and has claimed “successes in united-front building and expansion and consolidation.”

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On the national level, CPP claims revolutionary forces across the country and overseas held celebrations to mark today the 50th anniversary of the CPP and its achievements and victories in waging the Filipino people’s democratic revolution.

The CPP communique, posted at the internet, said In the guerrilla areas, NPA Red fighters and Party members gathered in fiesta-like assemblies together with the peasant masses from nearby barrios with food and cultural programs. The NPA temporary ceasefire has held since December 24 despite relentless military offensives by the AFP.

In the cities, Party members and activists held meetings and small gatherings under the the nose of police and military intelligence agents, said CPP.

CPP admitted its website became inaccessible as it was under attack likely by the US-trained AFP cyberwarfare group. But in social media, the hashtags #CPP50 and #LetsCelebrate were the top Twitter trending topics in the Philippines for several hours since early morning and was still trending as of mid afternoon.

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A video produced by the CPP featuring the wide reach of the Party and highlighting its program and vision was released over the internet.

A few days ago, a rally was held in Hongkong by Filipino migrants in unity with the CPP celebrations. An assembly will also be held in The Netherlands in the coming days among the Filipino revolutionary forces.

The CPP Central Committee (CPP-CC) issued its message to the Party citing exceedingly favorable conditions to wage the people’s democratic revolution as solution to the chronic crisis in the Philippines. It foresaw attaining complete victory in the “foreseeable future.”

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The CPP-CC said the rise of the fascist and puppet Duterte regime is symptomatic and aggravates the rotten ruling system in the country which has lost all political and moral highground and has resorted to the use of state terrorism to perpetuate itself in power. []


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