Folk Superstition, Prayers for justice over health worker’s murder in Sangay, Camarines Sur

Kareen R. Brojan

By Joey Natividad

SANGAY, CAMARINES SUR, Philippines – Not contented on relying on the police nor the local government to solve the gruesome murder of Kareen R. Brojan, family and relatives resorted to prayers and folk superstition hoping to get justice and get even with the killers.

In the spiritual side, relatives of Kareen held daily prayers during the wake, seeking for justice.

In the superstition side, following ethnic-folklore practices, a chick inside a box was placed on top of the coffin in the hope that the continued chirping of the chick would pound on the conscience of the killers and would give them sleepless nights. Such chirping sound would drive the killers into insanity, according to folklore.

Kareen, a government village health worker, a young mother of four, was found dead and burned beyond recognition at a mountain creek at Sibaguan village, this town on November 25, the day when the progressive women sector in Manila was celebrating End to Violence Against Women, with counterpart groups doing the same in France.

Watch the video and listen to the chirping of the chick.

Similar chirping can be heard on the other video in the previous news story:

As of this writing, Sangay police have not arrested any suspects. but have given assurance their investigation would lead to the identification of the suspects. []


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