Female health worker killed, raped, burned at Sangay, Camarines Sur, on Violence Against Women Day: Where is Gabriela?

Hundred meters upland of this mountain creek in Barangay Sibaguan, Sangay, Camarines Sur, is where health worker Kareen Remon Brijan was raped, murdered, and burned Sunday, November 25, by unknown killers. Photo by Joey Natividad

By Joey Natividad

SANGAY, Camarines Sur (BicolToday.com) – While the global women sector observed on Sunday, November 25, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women in France as encouraged by the United Nations, and in Manila with Gabriela women’s organization at Luneta Park, launching its activity “One Billion Rising 2019”, a female government village health worker in Sangay, Camarines Sur Province, was found dead, her face and parts of the body burned.

Health worker Kareen Remon Brojan, 27, a young mother of four, was found dead, burned, and believed to be a victim of rape at a mountain creek at Barangay Sibaguan where she was washing clothes.

Brojan’s violent and brutal killing would now serve as “wake-up call” to local authorities and town-level civil society which have been hearing news about the much-publicized “Violence Against Women (VAW) being trumpeted in Manila and among the international community, hoping such violence would not happen near their homes and in the immediate neighborhood.

Brojan’s murder happened on Sunday when Manila’s women militant sector and their counterparts in France were celebrating the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women 2018, with speakers spitting out statistics of violence against women.

Women’s group, GABRIELA, and its allied organizations, also launched its publicity-driven “One Billion Rising 2019,” without entertaining any thought of visiting Brojan who is now lying in state at her house on a hilltop at Sangay town.

The health worker’s murder could now be an eye-opener that would serve the cause of the women’s rights movement, but being a woman coming from the “rural poor and marginal” women sector, her violent death might be ignored by the “bourgeois” women middle class which prefers its advocacy within their comfort zones in Manila.

As of this writing, the family of Brojan is waiting for justice with the perpetrators still at large and the local police facing a blank wall in identifying the criminals. [BicolToday.com]


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