Kasanggayahan mural’s expression of faith, of dreams


Marginal Note
By Felix ‘Boy’ Espineda, Jr.

The thirty-six canvasses illustrating the Sorsogon province by aspiring artist defines the resiliency of a Sorsoganon’s as the climate of political innuendos is in a crescendo. The artist described the problem that needs political attention. It expresses hardship, vibrancy of spirit, eloquence of dreams, all aspiring for a better Sorsogon.

But what is the reality?

 Where is Sorsogon now? This question is for all of us especially those aiming to become leaders and the current crop of leaders who only see the hole of an axe instead that of a needle as depicted in the murals. Are we resilient, vibrant; are our pride and dignity intact, do we sing the same tune, slogans enough? The canvass depicts the present realities of where we are now will be blurred if programs of wants instead of concrete actions addressing the felt need of the populace is ignored, though because of the theme did not touch the development managers of our province.

One of the canvass said that “life becomes easier and happy if everyone work together, can stand upright, ready to face consequences and helping the community for a progressive tomorrow” was looking for the opportunity to realize such dream. Another said, to become a “true gem beneath the rubble” is attributable to their diskarte sa buhay, deep religiosity, vibrancy, and positivity. These statements are clues how we cope as Sorsoganons. But is it enough?

As we look back, when the time capsule of what will become of Sorsogon was laid, are the vision as it sees in 1997 now a reality? What’s the use of the vision and mission if programs are as contentious and self-serving of political needs to remain in power? Can we listen for once what are the aspirations of the populace? How can we lessen the struggle if we don’t empower? One knows that resiliency is not enough to survive, more so, unproductive programs is a calamity. The “connected gears” was the missing link to progress, civilly said in one of the murals descriptions. The fourteen towns and the city may have earned so much from their national shares and local resources but fell short of development planning perhaps because of political constraint that triggers backward development. Many are saying that those who performed well be retained and those earning booted out for the gears needs to be connected. But that gear needs us, the populace, to oil its smooth rotation, knowing that the more we strive and raise our concern will fulfill leaders duty not to enrich but to implement and deliver the much-delayed progress that the province deserves. We are being called to dip our hands in social and political fronts.  We should not be enamored by the smell of cosmetics instead we must look beyond the tissue of development.

As the murals expressed its dreams, its faith that we can achieve better results even in adversities we may ponder for how long it can be had or to a point of passiveness that the next generation may find the courage to restructure the ruins of development by politics. Let us give meaning to the murals and statement, that we are bamboos that sway but not to the dictates of political needs but as one people, a true Sorsoganon aspiring to be proud, with dignity and a fulfilled community.

Kasanggayahan is abundance for all was the message of the murals.


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