Where is your delicadeza, Mocha?

Artwork by Aira Jimenez / Altermidya

After dodging questions to the dubious increase in the Presidential Communications Operations Office budget and her junket, Mocha Uson resigned from her post as Assistant Secretary, and now is vying for Congressional seat in the 2019 midterm elections.

It can be remembered that progressive lawmakers and groups slammed her alleged “delaying tactics” in the PCOO budget hearing to hurdle allegations on her government spending and the contentious increase of the Communications office budget from P1.38 billion to P1.41 billion for 2019.

After filing her certificate of candidacy, it was brought up that her party-list AA-Kasosyo was previously caught up in the controversial Pork Barrel scam.

But her response reeks of vile lunacy: she only intends to run to “pester” legitimate party-lists representing the marginalized sectors. She dared not answer the corruption allegation to her group directly, but at least, Uson got it right in generalizing a taint existent in Congress.

There has been a long-standing tragedy in Philippine politics, and in this episode, it now features a “fake news” peddler like Uson running for public office. What does she even represent? Rich buffoons who benefit from her disinformation business?

Looking for Uson’s delicadeza is rather a lost cause: she does not have one, neither an ascendancy to peg herself with true public servants.

The Filipino people does not need your foul mouth and asinine voice, Mocha.

Jose Mari T. Callueng
CEGP National President
Oct.15, 2018


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