4 AFP soldiers slain in Northern Samar ambush


NORTHERN SAMAR – Four AFP soldiers were waylaid by NPA red fighters in an ambush on June 26, 2018, about nine in the morning at Roxas village, Lope de Vega, Northern Samar.

The ambush, carried out by Nida Cantong Command under the NPA Rodante Urtal Command- Northern Samar, was a “punitive action to punish abusive AFP soldiers who had been harassing civilians in Lope de Vega,” said a statement from Lito Morino, who claimed to be the spokesman of the Northern Samar rebel group.

The soldiers were transporting food supply to their base in Roxas village when red fighters, augmented by its local militiamen staged the ambush, the firefight lasting about 15 minutes.

The Tuesday ambush was a day after when 6 policemen were slain, 9 others wounded during a “misencounter” on Monday, June 25, between the police platoon and AFP soldiers in Sta. Rita, Samar.

The AFP and the police have unleashed countless military campaigns in Samar Island with the end goal of ridding the island of an insurgency, but according to rebel statements, government troops are not succeeding. [BicolToday.com]


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