Teaching proper values hard with absence of “role models” among public officials – ACT


By Joey Natividad

CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region – Teaching moral and proper values to students is hard if students cannot find public leaders who can serve as “role models.”

The President, Congressmen, Senators, town public officials, and other publicly-known persons cannot be role models for students in the present generation, Bicol Today learned Saturday.

The Alliance of Concerned Teachers said teaching proper values to pupils is becoming a challenge today as top government leaders do not set good examples in the area of good manners and right conduct.

“We can imagine the confusion in our pupils’ heads. On one hand, we teach the values of respect to others, the law and the State, and on the other hand, they see the president on national TV using the language of killing, misogyny and vulgarity, and other top officials following suit as if it is a fad.” said Benjamin Valbuena, ACT Philippines President, informing Bicol Today in Naga City.

The group reacted to Department of Education Secretary Leonor Briones yesterday that the agency plans to fortify teaching good morals and right conduct in primary education, following the review of the K to 12 curriculum.

“Apart from good manners, we see that teaching about the values of truth, justice and human rights should be strengthened and should be discussed within the context of our history and current society. This will help our pupils to better discern the right from the wrong,” Valbuena proposed.

Valbuena said that the problem with the K to 12 curriculum is that it is designed to produce meek and cheap labor force for foreign capital.

He explained that it focused more on training technical skills and specializations. Consequently, it weakened the education on history, social science and humanities which are core to developing analytical skills.

“There is a great need to review and overhaul the education curriculum to better suit it to the needs of the country towards national development. In the meantime, we suggest that the DepEd organize a special class for our national leaders to teach good manners and right conduct,” Valbuena said.


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