Sleeping police couple lose gun, belongings, to thieves


By Bicol Today News Team

POLANGUI, Albay – “Pulis natulog yata sa pancitan, ninakawan!”

A police couple, who were sleeping soundly, woke up discovering their personal belongings and gun were taken away by thieves. The incident happened at P-4, Brgy. Balinad, Polangui, Albay between 1:00 and 2:00 AM, Sunday, June 17, 2018

According to police report, spouses PCINSP Henry Adarlo Red, 46 years old, married, PNP member assigned at Daraga MPS; and SPO3 Lieca Agravante Red, 46 years old, married, PNP member assigned at AVSEU 5, Legazpi City, both residents of said place, are the victims of thief.

Police said there are two unidentified suspects on board an unidentified motorcycle.

As narrated,when PCINSP Red woke up, he noticed that his brown short pants with his wallet inside the pocket containing driver’s license, Landbank ATM card, PNP, AFPSLAI, PSSLAI, PHILHEATH and PSMBFI ID cards, and one (1) unit Nokia 3310 cellular phone worth Php2,900 hanged at the door of their room was missing. Upon verification, they recovered the said short pants outside the house, but the victim’s wallet and cellular phone were gone.

The victims also recovered the black pouch bag of SPO3 Red, but the latter’s issued firearm a Pietro Beretta with Serial No. M 27573Z, two (2) magazines loaded with ammunitions, driver license, ITR 2017, assorted keys and other important documents placed inside the said bag were also missing, believed to be stolen by unidentified suspects.

Polangui police immediately responded to investigate.

Ocular inspection at the scene disclosed that the suspect/s managed to get the victims bags using a bamboo pole. Interview of victims’ neighbor Domingo Sajuela y Beria, revealed that between 1:00 AM to 2:00 AM, he saw the suspects boarded an unidentified motorcycle in front of the victims’ house then fled to unknown direction.

Follow-up investigation has been conducted by said police station for possible identification and arrest of the suspects, recovery of stolen items and file appropriate case in court if evidence warrants. []


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