Youth group describes June 12: “Hindipendence” Day


MANILA — Youth group Anakbayan joins other progressive organizations and individuals in a day-long series of protests today, June 12, which they derided as #Hindipendence Day in light of Duterte’s subservience to US imperialism, China, and looming imposition of nationwide martial law.

“Today is #Hindipendence day. Freedom remains an illusion under the helm of a cheap dictator-wannabe who shamelessly kowtows to foreign superpowers like China and US, and wields terror and violence against the Filipino people,” said Anakbayan Secretary General Einstein Recedes.

Braving the strong winds and rains, Anakbayan joined hundreds of other protesters to storm the Chinese Consulate in Makati City in the morning with slogans “China Layas, atin ang Pinas” and “PH not for Sale, we are not for Sale” and then to the US Embassy in Manila during noontime.

A handful of brave protesters were likewise able to break through the police cordon and interrupt Duterte’s deceit-filled official speech in Kawit, Cavite with shouts of “Hunyo 12, huwad na kalayaan! Duterte patalasikin, Pasista biguin!”

Pro-imperialist Duterte

Recedes slammed what he called Duterte’s “pro-imperialist” policies and programs that effect the surrender of Philippine territory, facilitate the sellout Philippine land, labor, and resources to China, US and foreign corporations while subjecting Filipinos to intensified impoverishment and repression.

“We condemn Duterte’s inaction amidst Chinese incursion in the West Philippine Sea depriving Filipino fishermen their livelihood. We condemn Duterte’s burdening Filipinos with high taxes and other conditionalities for onerous Chinese loans funding his corrupt infrastructure program,” said Recedes.

He said that it is US imperialism, China, and other foreign powers which stands to benefit the most from neoliberal economic programs like the Train law and continuing contractualization and low wages while further depressing the conditions of the country’s poor majority.

Recedes also criticized Duterte’s perpetuation of US military intervention in the country by allowing the continuation of the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA), Visiting Force Agreement (VFA), Balikatan exercises, and US-patterned counterinsurgency programs.

Looming Duterte dictatorship

Anakbayan said that Duterte’s threat of nationwide martial law is linked to a blood-thirsty, power-hungry tyrant hell-bent on perpetuating its rule to continue benefitting from the country’s continued imperialist subservience to China, US, and other imperialist powers.

“Clearly it is Duterte himself and his fellow oligarchs that benefit from this system of social injustice favoring the sellout of the nation. Now Duterte threatens the Filipino people with nationwide martial law in order to cling to power amidst mounting resistance to his rule,” said Recedes.

“Genuine independence, and not Duterte’s #Hindipendence, can be truly attained by ending Philippine neocolonial relations with the US and other imperialists. This cannot be done by seeking new masters like China. What we need is national industrialization, genuine independence, and democracy,” he said.


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