Ousting Sereno a dangerous sign, Sorsogon Bishop says

Sorsogon Bishop Arturo M. Bastes. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO

By Leslie Ann Aquino

For a Catholic prelate, the ouster of former Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno is a dangerous sign saying this could be the beginning of another dark period in the country’s history.

“This is a very dangerous trend. A real dictatorship of a strong man is shaping up which is the beginning of another dark period of our history,” Sorsogon Bishop Arturo Bastes said in an interview.

“I fear this because more controversial issues are surely coming,” he added.

The Sorsogon prelate said the decision of the eight Justices, who voted to approve the Quo Warranto petition against Sereno, destroyed the independence of the Third Branch of our democratic government.

“This illegal decision is the most shameful act in the history of Philippine Judiciary! These justices are supposed to protect the Constitution and they violated the Constitution for selfish reasons!” Bastes said.

And although President Duterte already denied involvement in Sereno’s ouster and even vowed to resign if proven he was behind it, the prelate believed otherwise.

“I don’t believe that he will resign! But I do believe that he had a hand in the ouster of Sereno,” Bastes said.

“The eight Justices…obviously was ordered by the President,” he added.

With Sereno’s ouster which Bastes described as unjust and illegal, the prelate has called on the public to be vigilant at this time.

“It is now expedient to call for vigilance among our people to avoid a catastrophic situation which we had already experienced during the Marcos regime,” he said.

The Supreme Court on May 11 granted the petition of Solicitor General Jose Calida in a vote of 8-6.
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