When the government fears the truth


NUJP STATEMENT | When the government fears the truth

There can be no other reason for this government’s obsession with going after Rappler than its abhorrence to and fear of the truth.

How else explain the resources, the manpower, the funds brought to bear against Rappler – from the apparently Jose Calida-coordinated SEC assault to the peevish ban on Pia Ranada to the BIR’s pursuit of tax evasion charges and the NBI’s revival of a cyber libel case it had earlier dropped?

After realizing its arsenal of lies and deception has achieved little more than play to an echo chamber while utterly failing to drown out the independent and critical media, the administration has resorted to the weapon of the truly desperate – sheer brawn.

But it would be well to remind this dispensation that the last government to attempt this was the Marcos dictatorship. If President Duterte and his minions are so hellbent to repeat history, they should remember what happened to that government.


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