Sorsogon drivers beg 2 pesos more to live decently; fake franchises exposed


SORSOGON CITY ( – Only two pesos more as fare hike to enable tricycle operators and drivers to live decently after suffering bouts of successive increases of costs of products and consumer goods after the implementation of Duterte taxation and economic policies.

According to Federated Association of Tricycle Operators and Drivers (FASTOD), the P2 fare hike is urgent when prices of petroleum products and motorcycle spare parts have started going up.

FASTOD said the year 2008 was the last fare increase when gasoline was only at the level of P30- P35 per liter. At present, fuel is hitting the P50 -52 per liter level.

Today’s current fare is P8 for the first 2 kilometers. The drivers and operators want P10 for the first two kilometers and P1.50 for every additional kilometer.

Sorsogon City Government held a public hearing Tuesday to get the side of transport groups and commuters before acting over the petition for a fare hike.

“Fake franchise” at P40,000

Meanwhile, several operators and drivers have taken one more step by demanding authorities to probe the emergence of “colurum” or “talahib” unregistered tricycles competing for passengers.

The reports of “fake franchises” being issued secretly by City hall men are buzzing among stakeholders wanting an investigation.

Bicol was informed that about P40,000 was the negotiating price for a “fake franchise” or “talahib“, and that about 100 fakes have been given.

Also, hot on top of the issue is the report about the sale of smoke-reducing gadget to operators seeking to renew their 2-stroke units.

The gadget is P2,500, allegedly a racket of an official close to Mayor Sally Lee.

The gadget, being championed as a smoke reducer, has no ICC sticker from DTI.

Many gadgets were already sold. []


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