Human Rights, Martial Law discussed: PNP, PDEA seek opinions from sectors

Photo by Elmer James Bandol /

By Elmer James Bandol

LEGAZPI CITY, 21Sept2017 ( — Police Chief Superintendent Dennis A. Siervo, Chief Human Rights Action Officer, on Thursday has proposed for an additional budget for custodial allowance of the police intended for “arrested person” that might in need of food or miscellaneous assistance.

“We don’t have enough detention cells and the allowance for a detainee under investigation is only P50 good only for one day”, Siervo explained following explanations about human rights and the rights of a person under police custody.

He admitted that a legislative action is necessary for this purpose.

Siervo arrived here together with his counterpart in the Philippine Army, Brig. Gen. David Chad Esleta, son of former Executive Sec. Honesto Esleta.

The police and military ranking officials’ visit is in time for a mass rally against tyranny that coincides the declaration of martial law during the deposed President Ferdinand E. Marcos.

Invited to the gathering are representatives of the private sector, the Catholic Church, including barangay officials & media.

Dr. Ereberta Nepumoceno of Bicol University & former DOST Bicol Director said that in management should be knowledgeable about the “cause & effect” and must “limit mistakes” if only to maintain credibility in advocacy.

Nepumoceno explained as “scientist” following reaction from a barangay official that illegal drugs are commonly used by “miners” in mining areas to relieve fear by workers getting into the deep pit.

Even the LGBT sector was also requested to share an opinion for gender problems which the police hierarchy has to put up desks for certain sectors.

The PNP disclosed that the widened war on drugs from “Double Barrel Reloaded” targeting “street users-pushers” operations to “High-Value Target” of personalities working in the government and with a high volume of illegal drugs.

For “street operation”, it was made clear that even without PDEA, the police could operate, however, for “high-value target, PDEA’s presence is a requirement. []


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