Lee’s political “operator” subjects barangay officials to verbal abuse

Sorsogon City Mayor Sally Lee and Jovic Duran. BICOLTODAY.COM PHOTO

By BicolToday.com News Team

SORSOGON CITY – A known “political operator” of the Lee political clan got scored for disrespectful on a barangay government by “cursing” barangay officials who had sought out help from another public official “not favored” by the Lee’s.

The political operator is known for “throwing his weight around” and has been the central figure in the aborted demolition of fishermen/ settlers on Pinaculan Island, an island off Sorsogon City being targeted for tourism which will bring profits to a chosen tourism resort developer.

This “operator” has become “smart and influential” that even the Lee’s are “beholden” to him, giving in to his “whims and caprices”.

As told later to BicolToday.com, barangay officials said the “operator of the Lee’s” came barging into the Pangpang barangay government office, allegedly cursing invectives on why they solicited sponsorships for village activities from the Vice Governor, instead of from the City Mayor.

That day, Barangay Pangpang was busy preparing for its barangay fiesta, and festival activities were in the offing.

As narrated by a village witness who refused to be named out of fear of reprisal:

“Why is it that you never mentioned the name of Mayor Sally Lee?, why is it that Ester Hamor is all that you know? “ were the cursing words spitted out by the ward leader when he barged into the barangay hall of Pangpang this city, days before it celebrated the barangay fiesta.

To serve as background, Sally Lee is the incumbent Mayor of Sorsogon City, mother of incumbent Governor “Bobet” Lee-Rodrigueza, and wife of former Sorsogon Governor Raul Lee. (Read latest update of Raul Lee: Sandiganbayan convicts Sorsogon Ex-Governor Raul Lee on 4 counts of graft).

“Mga diput…” kamo, huna nindo mga mauragon na kamo didi” (You fuc…ing idiots, as if you are already somebody here) were his initial words upon entering the barangay hall that day, shocking the ordinary people who were transacting business at around nine in the morning. This incident was relayed to BicolToday.com.

“Mga wara kamo utang na boot, tinagan na kamo gymnasium maraot pa man si Sally Lee saindo” (We have given you a gymnasium and you don’t even show a debt of gratitude to Sally Lee) was another comment heard from the intruder.

Pressed to name the person, the witness identified the intruder as Jose Vicente ‘Jovic’ Duran.

“He was seething with anger and proceeded to the office of the Punong Barangay who was out at that time and accused Roberto Balde, a barangay councilor, who was the officer of the day, of playing favorites for Ester Hamor,” said the witness.

As a backgrounder, Ester Hamor is the incumbent Vice-Governor. Lately, Vice-Governor Hamor is considered by the Lees as an “enemy” when Hamor had declared that she was eyeing the post of Mayor Sally Lee for the next election.

“If Duran cannot respect the person, at least, he should respect the office that the person represents,” said the witness who refused to be identified.

The witness commented that Duran actuation were acts of desperation knowing that “may linog na maabot sa 2019”(a political earthquake will shake Sorsogon province by 2019).

She was referring to the high stake political contest between the Hamor’s and the Lee’s.

“I heard Kagawad Balde explanation that Ester Hamor is one of the sponsors of the fiesta activities, and there is nothing political about it”.

But Duran, before boarding his white vehicle, lashed out again to the stunned Kagawad Balde. Duran’s words were laced with threats.

Meanwhile, another villager explained as a backgrounder, that Ester Hamor, a three term municipal mayor of Casiguran and incumbent vice-governor of Sorsogon, had established her new residency at Barangay Bitan-o-Dalipay, this city.

Afterwards, Hamor declared her intention to contest the city mayoralty post in 2019 against her friend and “kumadre” incumbent city mayor Sally Lee which, from thereon, became the most feared would-be opponent of the well-entrenched political hold of the Lee’s in the province. [BicolToday.com]


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