Two farmers dead on Tuesday night killings in Gubat, Sorsogon

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GUBAT, Sorsogon, 9Aug2017 ( – A farmer in Casili village, this town, was shot to death Tuesday night by unidentified gunmen using high caliber rifles.

Police investigators identified the victim as Jaime Ervas Estrada.

The incident happened at about 9:45 pm Tuesday night.

According to rumors, persons wanting to revenge had killed Estrada, but the Estrada family ignored the story, claiming he was only a simple man.

The NPA ambush on Monday, August 7, killed 4 Army soldiers, including the platoon leader, and the wounding of 7 soldiers.

In another development, in Union village, same town, Jason Cayungdong Espano, 39 years old and a father of 3 children, was shot to death by armed men at about 10:00 pm Tuesday night, August 8.

Investigation revealed Espano was preparing to sleep for the night when unidentified men called for him. When he step out of the house, Espano was shot to death by M16 rifle.

Investigators later found 14 empty casings of M16 bullets, and two spent shells of 9mm bullets.

Police Chief Inspector Jimmy Jeremias, Chief of Police (COP) of PNP-Gubat, made an appeal to residents for cooperation with the police to solve the killings in the town.

Three successive killings had been recorded in the town for the months of July and now, this August. []


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