NDF-Bikol exposes 4 lies behind Martial Law extension

Raise High: flags of CPP-NDFP-NPA. BicolToday.com Photo

CITY OF NAGA, Bicol Region – Four lies are being peddled by proponents for the just-approved extension of Martial Law and these are exposed by the Bicol underground Left.

According to the National Democratic Front-Bikol (NDF-Bikol), the group of Lorenzana, Año, and Esperon, Duterte’s military experts, have peddled lies to justify the extension of Martial Law in Mindanao until December, 2017, a feat that was supported by Duterte supporters in Congress.

The extension of Martial Law was approved by Congress last week.

NDF-Bicol identified the four lies as the following:

  1. “There is an imminent urgency to extend martial law”. NDF-Bikol said this is a lie the Duterte generals have been claiming that the AFP is winning the Marawi war and has decimated the Maute fighters, reducing them to about 60 fighters who controlled only about 4 barangays. There is no need to extend martial law, said NDF-Bikol.
  2. “There are no human rights violations under Martial Law”. The military top brass committed another lie that there are no human rights violated under martial law. According to NDF-Bikol, AFP combat operations have forced the mass evacuation of Lumad communities, bombings and aerial strikes had caused collateral damage and harm to civilian communities, enforced hamletting, extra-judicial killings (EJKs) and death and injuries to civilians. All these are violations of human rights.
  3. “Violators of human rights will be punished”. The AFP top command has said that under martial law, they will punish their men who violate human rights. But, NDF-Bikol said the AFP has been lying. It has been protecting their men who have been involved in human rights violations and military officials involved in committing EJKs had gone scot-free. Atrocities against civilians are on the rise.
  4. “Duterte Martial Law is different from Marcos’”. Duterte’s men have been claiming that the present martial law in Mindanao is not harsh as compared to Marcos’ Martial Law. NDF-Bikol said another AFP-Duterte lie, as the martial law today is no different from “Marcosian” martial law. Military abuses are rising in conflict areas in Marawi and in places in Mindanao.

NDF-Bikol has vowed they will fight the martial law, and shall oppose it if martial law is implemented or extended in the Bicol Region. [BicolToday.com]


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