Bicol militants greet SONA day: 10,850 protesters, transport strike


LEGAZPI CITY, Albay – Bicol protesters Monday launched simultaneous mass actions in several places in the Bicol Region and had caused transport strike that crippled key transport routes, while President Duterte was set to deliver his second State of the Nation Address (SONA) late afternoon.

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan(BAYAN)-Bicol and Condor-Piston-Bicol launched Kadena Bikolandia Con that led the transport strike.

According to BAYAN-Bicol, the consolidated mass movement of the regional progressive groups in Bicol led a 96.5% paralysis initiated by jeepneys Bicol-wide, and with an unofficial total tally of 7,996 Bicol protesters who joined in the Mass Action Centers (MAC) across the six provinces of the region.

Simultaneous activities

Militants in Masbate mobilized their first protest action in front of Filminera Mining Corporation in Aroroy town. Earlier, police forced them not to proceed to their venue five times, but the protesters managed to reach the mining site and proceeded with their program.

Youth organizations in Camarines Sur held its Bicol State of the Youth Address (SOYA) in Plaza Rizal, Naga City, while Sorsoganons performed “One Billion Rising” at the Capitol.

In Albay, Albayanos in front of Provincial Capitol burned a flag with printed faces of Duterte’s appointed generals in the cabinet. Simultaneous activities were also held in MACs of Camarines Norte and Catanduanes.

“KADENA Bikolandia Con transport strike was the response of the Bikolano to the Duterte regime for abandoning its promised substantive changes; compliance with anti-citizen, anti-national and anti-democratic neoliberal policies dictated by the Imperial US; and the spread of fascism by the State in the form of ‘war on drugs’ that carries out extra-judicial killings that have victimized thousands of suspected drug addicts and drug pushers from the ranks of poor citizens. It did not resolve the sufferings caused by the spread of illegal drugs; ‘all-out war’ to the revolutionary forces, victimizing members of legal democratic mass organizations and causing collateral damage to civilian population and communities; anti-Moro activities in form of war against counter-terrorism,” BAYAN-Bicol Spokesperson Dan Balucio said.


Rising State fascism

BAYAN-Bicol also condemns the martial law extension that was approved yesterday.

“The Congressional approval is explicitly demonstrated as Fascism of the State. The declaration of Martial Law is to seize control of the country justifying it as “the war against terrorism that threatens the lives and livelihood of the people” as what happened in Marawi City,” Balucio said.

According to Balucio, the Duterte regime is not interested in solving the root of the armed conflict through the peace talks.

“Co-opting, capitulation and pacification of the revolutionary forces are the goals of the Duterte regime in entering the GRP-NDFP peace talks. It is no different from the successive previous Arroyo and Aquino regimes,” he added.

BAYAN-Bicol believes that the Duterte regime’s goals are espoused by pro-US militarists and advocates of neoliberal policies in the Cabinet.

“The Duterte regime’s economic and political policies are no different from the programs and policies of recent regimes. Duterte is slowly revealing his hypocrisy as a “leftist” and “socialist” and his true form was manifested – the fascist advocate of the ruling class’ interests,” said Balucio.

“The true, substantive and significant change in Filipino society will result in the national and democratic struggle of the Filipino people against the plague of imperialism, feudalism, and bureaucrat-capitalism. The ruling classes will not be willing to provide it to Filipino society,” Balucio concluded. [Re-posted from]



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