An Open Letter to Prime Water Sorsogon City

Photo by Tess De Ramon

One week ago when we arrived, this site welcomed us infront of our gate. When I asked our caretaker, she said that the purpose of digging this is to restore water because its been weeks that there is no water supply here.

It actually helped us coz at least water is coming out now though there are hours that we dont have water. But we can be patient.

My only concern now, for health reason, is for this office personnel of not returning anymore in order to fix this mess in our midst. Ok lang bang halukayin nyo at pabayaan na lang na ganyan? Ano ba ang time table nyo? Nagpunta kayo dito para icheck yan therefore dpat may time din po kayo na ayusin yan. Ibalik sa dati. Can you tell us when will you fix it?

Pamumugaran po ang tubig dyan sa canal ng lamok at kami ang apektado. While i dont discount the fact that you need to look for other ways to provide basic services and get water by digging that portion but please look after the hygiene and health of the people living near the area.

I wanted to go to your office, however, I dont have the luxury of time. My workplace is far. I wake up early when your office is still closed and I go home late when your office is closed already just to inform you about this matter. Im just hoping that through this open letter here in fb, my sentiments will reach your office. Let this be a pleasant notice of services that your office fail to deliver.

At this juncture, may I appeal to the concerned agencies and govt officials to pls help us in looking after this incident. Let the welfare of our people prevail by securing a healthy environment.

Hoping for immediate action on this matter.

Tess De Ramon
OLV Barangay Pangpang, Sorsogon City


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