Albay police unlawful search, harassment on Daraga residents exposed by Bayan Bicol

Bruises of the survivor John John. Baretang Bikolnon Photo

By Angel De Mesa

LEGAZPI CITY – Bayan Bicol denounces the illegal search and harassment of PNP with alleged elements of AFP on the residents of Purok 3, Burgos, Daraga, Albay yesterday.

On June 21 around 5am, more or less 40 elements from Albay Police Provincial Office (Albay PPO), with elements from PNP Detachment in Bascaran, Daraga and several plainclothes military men with short firearms believed to be from Alobo Philippine Army Detachment illegally searched the house of a resident in Burgos, Daraga for its counter – insurgency operations.

The armed men searched the house without presenting any search warrant and were allegedly looking for a certain man called “Kalbo”. Finding none, the raiding team took with them three samurai swords and one android cellphone from the house. Moreover, there is no receipts issued to the family as proof of confiscation.

During the raid at Salvacion Millena’ house, some of her children were sleeping. John-John Chan, 23, was awaken by the two plainclothes armed men while sleeping in a hammock in their balcony. He was forced to surface a hand grenade and a gun he allegedly possesses. He was slapped with the butt of a short firearm, kicked and punched him several times when nothing to show. One of the men poked the gun at him threatening to kill him and remove his fingernails.

While Rainzo Abache, 15, was frightened when he saw a police pointing the rifle at him while he was feeding the chicken at their backyard. He immediately ran inside the house but the PNP told him to lay flat on the floor.

According to the victims, the raiding team did not even presented themselves upon the operation neither the team leader. They even cover their nameplates with thin cloths to hide their identity.

Three other adjacent houses were likewise illegally searched according to Karapatan-Albay. The survivors already filed a blotter report on the PNP Daraga hoping for justice.

“The state of Martial Law happens not only in Mindanao. A creeping undeclared martial law is also happening elsewhere in the country as it is happening here in Albay”, said Dan Balucio of Bayan Bicol.

According to Bayan Bicol it is the duty and responsibility of the state forces to uphold human rights, but reality shows that human rights violations are committed with impunity by state security forces against the basic masses under Duterte’s counter insurgency program, Oplan Kalayaan.

“Aside from condemning this act, we will help and assist the victims for certain actions. We will also consult NUPL for legal actions and register this to Commission on Human Rights”, Dan Balucio said. (Re-posted from


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