Thousands Bicolanos lambast Duterte’s bogus promises in #LaborDayPH

Protestesters in Albay burn paper-made rockets. Photo

By Reynard Magtoto

LEGAZPI CITY, 02May2017 ( – Over 15, 571 Bicolanos lambasted President Duterte’s bogus promises in the present administration during the #LaborDayPH protest yesterday across various provinces in the region.

According to progressive groups, unresolved issues during the previous Aquino regime are getting worse and the slogan “Change is Coming” that made Duterte sit in the highest position in present administration is just Duterte’s front to tag him as socialist.

“Even Duterte appointed progressive leaders in his cabinet, majority of these are pushing for neoliberal policies especially its economic managers and the generals of AFP and PNP that are pro-US and pushers of counter-insurgency program in the country,” said Dan Balucio, BAYAN-Bicol spokesperson.

Balucio added that in Duterte’s cabinet, the track of his regime is clear to intensify imperialist neoliberal attack to the sectors of workers and masses and the status quo of rotten system that promotes semi-colonial and semi-feudal Filipino society. Photo

Duterte’s Endo melted

Duterte failed to end contractual in the country since until now 63% or 24.4 million of total man power are being employed in different schemes of contratuactualization. In one year, 11.2 million Filipinos are unemployed.

Under the dictate of Employers Confederation of the Philippines (ECOP), Philippine Association of Service Contractors (PALSCON) and Department of Trade in Industry (DTI), DOLE Sec. Bello and Duterte implemented Department Order 174 which employees will be regularized not by the company but by the third party or the service providers.

May One Committee-Bicol calls on workers to join them in junking the Department Order since this order legalizes the mass layoffs of regular workers in order to be contractuals under the agency.

“This is what the capitalists wanted, to continue contractualization for them to have bloated interests from the salaries of our workers,” May One Committee_Bicol representative Kit Roldan said. “Labor-only contracting and job contracting are both against the rights of workers and disrespects the dignity as citizen,”

Roldan added “as contractual worker who worked for five years, it is very problematic since you are deprived with workers rights and you are not allowed to join workers unions for you not to fight for your rights”.

He encourages workers to express their issues and file cases against their abusive companies. He even call them to join them in national democratic struggle with socialist perspective because according to Roldan, it is the way to solve the pressing issues in the country. Photo

United across provinces

At least 1, 145 Albayanos marched to reach the Pinaglabanan monument and burned paper-made rockets as their symbolic protest against US imperialism. Photo
Labor Day protest in Albay. Photo

In Catanduanes, 300 Catanduanons joined the labor protest. PO1 Vincent Tacorda, whistleblower of PNP corruption in the province asked dispense for not attending the protest yesterday fro security reasons.

Labor Day protest in Catanduanes. Photo
Labor Day Protest in Catanduanes. Photo
Labor Day Protest in Catanduanes. Photo

Artist in Camarines Sur painted workers in support of labor day. Total 1, 326 protesters joined their marh yesterday.

Progressive Artist of CamSur. Contributed Photo

Thousands of locals also joined the symbolic event in other provinces – 6,500 in Masbate, 4, 800 in Sorsogon and 1, 500 in Camarines Norte. []

Contributed Photo
Contributed Photo from Masbate
Protest in Masbate. Contributed Photo Photo in Sorsogon Photo in Sorsogon Photo in Sorsogon


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