Police face blank wall over Sorsogon Board member Ravanilla assassination

SOCO police investigators inspect the site where Sorsogon Board Peter Ravanilla was gunned down Tuesday morning by unidentified motorcycle-riding gunmen in Sorsogon City.. Photo by Edgar Tumangan

By BicolToday News Team

SORSOGON CITY – Police on Wednesday morning are still facing a blank wall over the assassination Tuesday morning of Provincial Board member Pedro “Peter” Ravanilla in broad daylight along a busy street of this city.

Ravanilla on Tuesday morning, (April 11, 2017) at about 8:50 o’clock, was gunned down by motorcycle-riding gunmen in front of Roda Building along Maharlika Highway, Brgy Pangpang, this city.

Ravanilla’s assassination shocked colleagues and personnel in the provincial capitol, causing serious concern for security, safety, and peaceful living in the city.

In the past several months, city security has been in the lowest scale when several murders and killings had occurred, the killings initiated by motorcycle gunmen who roamed the city streets with impunity while police have failed to impose strict city security measures.

Over this upsurge in city crimes, no convincing arrests were reported.

The Ravanilla killing is the latest incident involving gunmen riding-in-tandem onboard motorcycles.

Public speculation over the motive of the killing has churned out in the city rumor mill, from unknown political enemies to domestic family feud.

However, police on Wednesday refused to disclose any information about its investigation.

An incumbent Board Member representing 1st District of Sorsogon Province, Ravanilla was 64 years old, married, when he was gunned down dead, three bullets fired behind his back ripping through his head.
Police investigation reported Ravanilla was fixing something in his owned establishment together with his foreman Honorio Deniega, when suddenly he was shot three (3) times from behind by the suspects, using still unknown caliber.

The driver of the RUSI motorcycle and the gunman hurriedly fled away heading towards Diversion Road to elude arrest.

Bystanders failed to describe clearly the facial aspects of the fleeing suspects, but they vividly saw the colors of their clothes. Driver was wearing white t-shirt while the gunmen wore yellow t-shirt and with black cap, said police investigators.

Sorsogon City Police, together with PPSC and SORPPO personnel, immediately fielded out to key areas for pursuit operations, while in-depth investigation has been conducted to solve the killing. [BicolToday.com]


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