2nd IBPA, MICO float bogus encounter to give way eco-tourism projects in Masbate

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By BicolToday.com Staff

LEGAZPI CITY, 12April2017 (BicolToday.com) – The 2nd IB, PA floated a bogus encounter in So. Bantolinao, Brgy. Amutag, Aroroy, Masbate to get rid residents in the area for eco-tourism projects and casino according to NPA-Jose Rapsing Command (JRC).

According to Ka Del Mar, the intention of the AFP is to get rid the people in the area to give way to the capitalists Stanley Ho, gambling financier, and it’s business partner former senator Bongbong Marcos.

There is a plan to convert the agricultural lands in Bantolinao and Napayawan island in the municipality of Aroroy, Masbate into eco-tourism projects and casino that will result to the loss of farmers’ and fishers’ livelihood and houses.

JRC denied the statement on April 8 of 9th ID, Philippine Army that there was an encounter between the joined forces of 2nd Scout Platoon, 2nd IB,PA and Military Intelligence Company(MICO) against JRC that resulted to the possession of shotgun and KG9.

“That was a false statement of the military officials to cover their real objective on going in the area,” Ka Luz Del Mar said.

JRC stated that the joined forces of 2nd IB, PA and MICO arrived in So. Bantolinao on April 7 at 6:30 am.

The next day, April 8, the armies fired in So. Bantolino and near the island of Napayawan that resulted to terror among the residents.

This was the basis of the 9th ID’s spokesperson in its bogus encounter according to Ka Del Mar.

Aroroy municipality, it’s nearby municipalities and its people have long been under militarization.

Meanwhile, Filmenera Mining Corporation located here is being faced with protests from hundreds of farmers and small-scale miners.

NPA-JRC calls all MasbateƱos to oust Filmenera Mining Corp and mercenary 2nd IB,PA that are protectors in destroying the environment and livelihood of the MasbateƱos. [BicolToday.com]


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